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Coffee in – international coffee shop chain

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PivStation – a chain of draught drinks stores

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Coffee in – международная сеть кофеен, ориентированная на «кофе с собой»

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Coffee in – международная сеть кофеен

An international group of companies that unites professionals in various fields

The company develops diverse projects in the field of financial technology, retail, catering and media, as well as invests in other companies with potential for growth and development.

Development strategy

We constantly analyze market changes and the needs of our customers and partners. Every project for us is an opportunity to meet the needs of society. Thanks to the desire for everything new, we have the opportunity to respond quickly to the challenges of today.

We are not afraid to experiment and cooperate with leading Russian and foreign companies. Therefore, the scaling of working business processes around the world is one of the strategic directions of development Finector Group.

The company's projects are products that complement each other organically and are of particular value to partners and customers. The desire to create a single ecosystem that unites each of the Finector Group projects, It is a priority direction of the company's development.

Mission statement

Create convenient products for our customers and partners. Develop services that simplify people's daily lives.

Сеть кофеен Coffee in вошла в российский рейтинг от РБК

3 марта 2021

Посетители начали расплачиваться криптовалютой еще в первый день, когда не было публикаций в СМИ ...

3 марта 2021